Krishan Gupta

Doctoral Student
Google Scholar

I am a research scholar working with the advior Dr. Debarka Sengupta, Computer Science Department and Center for Computataional Biology Department, IIIT Delhi, India.

Research Domains: Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Computer Vission, High Performance Computing.

My current research involves identification of Circulating Tumor Cells, and dimension reduction and classification in big data.

Experience: Before joining IIIT, Delhi, I was involved in a research project related to public key cryptography at SAG lab, DRDO. My work was in high performance computing using GMP and MPI under supervision of Dr. SK Pal. I have also worked in Cryptography, steganography and data compression fields. I have worked as an assistant professor in The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences from Jan 2014 to June 2016. I did B.Tech and M.Tech from MD University, Rohtak.


Analysis of single-cell transcriptomes links enrichment of olfactory receptors with cancer cell differentiation status and prognosis

The Cellular basis of loss of smell in 2019-nCoV-infected individuals

Integrative analysis and machine learning based characterization of single circulating tumor cells

Texture Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network with Ensemble Learning