'FiRE: Finding a needle in the haystack'
22 Mar 2019

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09 Jan 2019

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01 Jan 2019

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The Hindu: 'Delhi researchers develop an algorithm to detect rare cells'
29 Dec 2018

Article published in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper.

FiRE, discovering rare cells
14 Nov 2018

FiRE, assigns a rareness score to every individual expression profile under study in a matter of seconds.

Autoimpute, autoencoder based imputation technique
13 Nov 2018

AutoImpute, learns inherent distribution of input scRNA-seq data and imputes missing values accordingly with minimal modification to the biologically silent genes.

New Member in Lab
21 Jun 2018

Shreya Mishra joins the group for Ph.D.

21 May 2018

Our dream project, CellAtlasSearch, the first single cell search engine is now published by Nucleic Acids Research

Sengupta Lab partners with Circle of Life Health Care Pvt. Ltd.
02 May 2018

Sengupta Lab partners with Circle of Life Health Care Pvt. Ltd. to help healthcare industry function intelligently both on the clinical and operational conducts.

DropClust, speediest clustering algorithm
18 Jan 2018

DropClust, the speediest clustering algorithm for ultra-large scRNA-seq data is now published by Nucleic Acids Research.

Brooking India Consortium
15 Jan 2018

Dr. Debarka Sengupta takes part in the Brooking India Consortium for analyzing NFHS IV data.

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