25 Jun 2018
by Krishan


Via this website, we intend to share with the world, information about our group, our achievements, and the different lines of research being pursued by our group members currently.


Mailing Address

Office: A-306 (New Academic Building).
Lab: A-313 (New Academic Building).
Circle of Life Office: B-404 (Old Academic Building).
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III (Near Govind Puri Metro Station), New Delhi, India - 110020

On the map, IIIT-Delhi campus is located in Okhla, near Nehru Place, New Delhi. Our lab is at the southwest corner on the third floor.


  • Office: (011) 26907446
  • Email: debarka@iiitd.ac.in
  • Website: www.debarka.com

Design and Implementation

The website is maintained by Priyadarshini Rai and Shivam Sharma. We adapted many aspects of Trevor Bedford lab website, at Trevor’s public invitation.

The site started with Jekyll, and was up and running in a week. The site is deployed using GitHub Pages.

The site’s source code is freely available on GitHub.