Sengupta Lab

Cancer Contact

Debarka Sengupta
Assistant Professor
IIIT - Delhi
Email: debarka at iiitd dot ac dot in
Ph. +91-11-26907446

Current research

Funded projects

Project title: Statistical and computational methods for addressing some unmet challenges in analysis of single cell RNA-seq data
Role: Principal Investigator
Grant Amount: INR 3.5 million
Tenure: July'16 to July'19
Granting Agency: Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India


1-2 full time funded Ph.D. in Computer Sc. or Computational Biology
Areas: Development of machine learning algotithms Big (biological and other kinds) data, applied machine learning and data mining.
Eligibility: Graduate (or undergraduate) degree in computer sc. (or mathematics or statistics) with exceptional programming skills and ability of analytical thinking
Apply: email your SOP and CV